Defentech has been involved in strategic Defence planning on borders and remote locations, integrating Anti-Drone Technology which is actually “war tested” and an efficiently effective support mechanism accessory in the defence against the ever increasing threat from Drone attacks.


As the use of various types of drones rapidly increases in modern warfare, many strategic locations are becoming vulnerable to air attacks or enemy reconnaissance activity.

At Defentech we use the Bukovel-AD system, electronic warfare technology designed for the early detection of approaching UAVs and the suppression of signal inputs, including satellite navigation GPS/GLONASS and control channels. It is a scalable system, which provides the maximum protection of areas and facilities of various sizes, forms and functions. The system can also be used within critical infrastructure elements to prevent small and medium sized drones from entering a controlled perimeter.


At the centre of the system is a ground station comprised of Detection and Control modules, which provides smart detection and jamming coupled with the capability of providing a sequence of false UAV management signals, which further optimises the level of protection achievable. The system has an effective range of between 15-18 kilometers which makes it an ideal solution for the protection of military or civil infrastructure facilities, in both combat and peacetime scenarios.


The system can be installed on any appropriate vehicle or at a selected fixed location within controlled territory. For protection of larger areas, several units can be placed around the area perimeter. Bukovel-AD is a customizable and integrated system that can include different kinds of equipment and solutions depending on customer's needs and requirements.


Key Advantages

  • Operational within a few minutes after arrival at target location
  • Field tested efficiency in real combat environment
  • Efficient 7/24/365 protection of critical facilities from small and medium sized drones
  • Smart jamming techniques to suppress a drone’s management, telemetry and navigation data channels
  • Extended effective range against large military drones of 15-18 kilometers
  • Multiple suppression channels for maximum efficiency
  • Simple and easy to use software suite with quick access to key system controls
  • Remote control feature enabling management of multiple BWS-2000 units from a central location
  • Can be mounted on any normal pick-up type vehicle


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