The Defentech MR-2000 IMSI and IMEI radar is designed for use by police, border control and national security in areas with a high risk of illegal border crossing.  The system can be set to operate autonomously, or integrate with a larger network consisting of other Defentech technical devices.


The system detects active cellular phones within the coverage area and estimates the distance towards the target. All information is displayed via a simple and straightforward graphical user interface which facilitates immediate tactical decision making on the ground. Additionally, the system incorporates a rotating antenna which significantly improves coverage in comparison to traditional panel antenna-based systems, and reduces the total number of units needed.


The MR-2000 radar system is based on a the same principle as most active land radars. Mobile terminals located within the effective coverage area act as active transponders releasing back their IMSI and IMEI identities when interrogated by the radar. The MR-2000 system can be set to operate within a defined sector, or provide target detection through 360 degrees.


Scanning sectors may be set by the user between 30 ̊ and 240 ̊ in 1 ̊ incremental steps. The system supports up to 8 carriers simultaneously, maximizing performance and increasing the probability of detection. System software allows the user to display available terminals on the ground and select individual terminals to start tracking. Collected data is automatically stored in the database for further analysis and reporting.


To achieve maximum efficiency, several MR- 2000 units can be installed along a controlled border, mounted on masts between 12 and 70 metres in height according to requirements of the terrain. For border check points/ entry points or smaller control areas a single unit may be sufficient.


The MR-2000 systems can be also co-located with existing optical /electronic detection and intelligence systems that Defentech can supply.


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