This highly sophisticated software allows accurate recognition of people, items, and location (Context) and can be applied in a variety of ways. The software can be used to identify and flag known individuals, recognise items that are immobile or unattended that may represent a threat. Security services will receive notification within seconds saving precious time and resources proving faster response times and more accurate situation analysis.


Face Recognition

Detects and identifies individuals in live video stream, still photograph or sketch, comparing them to a large dataset of images.


Context Recognition

Detect abandoned or removed objects and crowded zones in large outdoor areas. This technology implements tracking-based approaches capable of dealing with hard illumination and occlusion scenarios.


Plate Recognition

Automatically identifies the registration number plate (license number) of vehicles from digital pictures or real time video by using image-processing technology while the vehicle approaches Reco Plate waypoint.


Defentech Recognition can be integrated into airports, jails, stadiums, sports halls, railway stations, universities, parking space and government offices as:

Access control

Trace individuals in private and public buildings by tracking multiple faces simultaneously.


Mobile devices integration

Allow law enforcement agencies to take suspect photos at the scene, using a mobile device and search central databases and instantly receive candidate lists.


Visitors Management

Provide smart solution that recognize enrolled guests and verify registered guest information, identify VIPs or keep intruders out of exclusive hotel areas, alerting hotel staff.


Sport Events Check

Identify individuals banned from sports events.


Passport Check

Verify images (ICAO) collected during the passport check against a predefined watch list.


Smart monitors

Smart monitors can be applied in private or public organizations as a way of verifying employee presence, visitors’ management flow or even integration of facial biometrics in smart cards.


Recognition Engine

Provide different ways of recognition using comparison engines: from still photograph, sketch or live video streams, from various sources to large database of images.


Enhanced Outdoor context

Smart integration (eg. lighting pole) is able to monitor large outdoor context, detecting abandoned or removed objects and crowded zones. The solution can be further integrated with the enhanced automatic number plate recognition.

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