Defentech can integrate fully efficient maintenance training programmes with ongoing technical support from classroom to workshop.  Based upon US military textbook maintenance modules that run in line with governmental standards and registered approval.  Defentech can implement the maintenance management of Tactical military Attack, utility helicopters, commercial and private.  Defentech support "training the trainer" scenarios where airforce authorities need to constantly keep rebuilding their maintenance teams by developing students into teachers as they learn during their educational periods.



Defentech and worldwide partners combine years of knowledge and experience to develop training solutions that can be used in support of Government programs to enhance capabilities of military Ground and Air forces, and also civilian support services in theoretical class environments and also practical workshops around the world.


We provide the training for the use of the Anti UAV Systems, Installation of facial recognition software and usage.

Surveillance training – teaching delegates how to use technical listening, visual and radar devices and implement them in real world scenarios.


Defentech offer helicopter pilot training from theory to simulator, simulator to actual cockpit hours. Our training ensures that students receive instrument rating training, solo flight hours and certification.

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