Defentech Offer a range of leading technological products that compliment each of the services available. The products are designed to enhance efficiency and free up man power so that personnel can be utilised in situations that are either non high risk having been evaluated by the technology and to simply be the face of reassurance that the public often look for.


Defentech Recognition

A patented highly effective new and innovative recognition software.


Anti UAV System

"War Tested" Anti-Drone Technology an effective support mechanism in the defence against aerial attacks.


Defentech Air-Catch

Air-Catch, the solution providing full range of maritime and ground surveillance tasks.


Defentech Radar

The Defentech  Radar is designed for use by police, border control and national security in areas with a high risk of illegal border crossing. The system can be set to operate autonomously, or integrate with a larger network consisting of other Defentech technical devices.



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