Defentech-AirCatch solution is aimed to provide full range of services related to airborne maritime and ground surveillance using our own deployed aircraft , or clients  aircraft equipped with elements designed to collect various types of information while flying along the customers defined route.  The system can be installed at small size aerial vehicles with 600-2 200 kg take-off weight.


Face Recognition

Detects and identifies individuals in live video stream, still photograph or sketch, comparing them to a large dataset of images.


Realtime IMSI/IMEI-Detection

Defentech-AirCatch collects identities for all cellular phones within the system coverage. In a search mode user is alerted once the target cellphone is captured by  the system.


ON-Board IR Camera

Defentech-AirCatch IR camera allows taking videos and photographs during a night time. Also, this feature assists in finding people during rescue operations.


Video Surveillance.

On-board HD wide angle camera is used to record high quality video along the plane route. The video is stored locally on system’s computer.


Wildlife security

Border security

National security

Disaster security

Main Features

  • Up to 10 hours flight allows to cover the territory with up to 1 000 km radius
  • Being mounted on a plane, the system can be quickly moved to required area
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Multi-purpose use of the aircraft
  • Detection of all available cell phones across GSM,UMTS and LTE networks
  • Detection of direction and distance towards the captured cellphone, automatic target photographing and coordinates detection
  • Automatic collection of cell phone identities (IMSI/IMEI/EIN/MIN) and events based information logging
  • Storage of collected and coordinates
  • tailored data on system’s HD
  • Automatic data transfer to the ground station using any available transmission channel (UMTS,Thuraya,Iridium,etc.)
  • Optional video recording and thermal detection.


Defentech-AirCatch system components can be either installed onto customer’s Aircraft  or provided within a full service package using our own Aircraft.

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